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The world of gaming is being revolutionized by blockchain capabilities. After the explosion of Crypto Kitties in 2017 and the development of NFTs, true ownership of digital assets have become more than just the latest trend in gaming development.

Our team of seasoned blockchain experts are driven to help bring forth the world of tokenized assets and transparent, censorship-free gaming adventures.

Smart Contract Development

Our team of blockchain developers can build from scratch or assist in accelerating your EOS, IOST or TRON or Ethereum based projects.

Education Workshops

Coming soon, Dappiness will be driving remote or in-person workshops to teach your team the ins and outs of building on, or transitioning to the most popular blockchain protocols.

Game Platforming

Are you currently developing an online game? Dappiness is actively looking for game developers who can work with us to transition their game into a “play to earn” model.

Blockchain Games and Solutions

In-house projects like EOS Arcade Games and FantasEOS are going live in Q2 2019. These dApps introduce “play to earn” economics that were not feasible before scalable blockchain platforms like EOS, IOST and TRON.

Non-Fungible and Semi-Fungible Tokens

Our focus on the creation of NFTs and SFTs will create true ownership of digital assets and items used for in-game play. Please stay tuned for more information…

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