Let's jumpstart your decentralized application

From the team that brought you Everything EOS and the EOS Developer courses, Dappiness is your one-stop shop for MVP development, EOSIO integration and smart-contact auditing. With top talent in multiple blockchain disciplines, we’re excited to work with you on creating the future.

MVP Development

Get your idea out there! Whether you're seeking investment, or testing the market, we can help you build your minimum viable product.

enterprise integration

You're tired of the hassle and fees that come with traditional banking (so are we). So let's work together to kick those banks to the curb!

security auditing

Every smart contract can use a second pair of eyes. How about a third and fourth? We've got you covered with some of the top talent in EOS development.

Comprehensive Project Management and Roadmapping

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Tell us about your project or news, and we will reach out with any questions. Thanks for supporting the longest running EOS podcast!