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Dappiness – Fintech Solutions
Working with traditional and blockchain companies to implement live solutions.

Let's build.


Integrate smart-contracts and decentralized systems into your business model or software solution.

Auditing & Security

Holes in your smart contract could spell the end of the road for your project. Let us get a second, third and fourth pair of eyes involved to ensure your security.


Building something yourself? Get started with the Everything EOS Udemy course, taught by our very own Peter Keay.

In The News

2019 trends in fintech

“[Merchants] have already spent too much time and money on a system of middlemen that aren’t adding value.”

Decentralized Apps Need Dapp Services

“By using decentralized dApp services, applications will grow more and more resilient, more difficult to attack, more difficult to shut down.”

Mobile Payments: A Blockchain Opportunity?

“With the growing amount of headaches and risk surrounding card payments, we may have the perfect recipe for a change in the way payments are made.”

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